Parlatè is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource for all those who love everything Italian: language, recipes, art, cinema, travel, and… humour of course!

You’ll find useful tips about traveling or living in Italy, in particular in Florence, the city where I lived most of my life.
Traditions, dialects and hidden gems that vary from one little town to another, and which make Italy so fascinating.

One of the best ways to fully enjoy Italy is to learn Italian! Speaking the language is certainly a plus if you are traveling to Italy as it gives you many opportunities to meet people and to learn more about the Italian language and culture. Italians especially appreciate it when foreigners make an effort to communicate with them in Italian.

 Un regalo, a free e-book for you once you click on this link:  “Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning Italian”

Parlatè is the combination of the two words ‘parlate’ (speak) and ‘tè’ (tea). Italians drink lots of coffee and also lots of herbal teas (tisane, tè) which are a part of the Italian tradition. I drink plenty of them since I’m un’italiana that can’t drink coffee!
Allora parlatè… l’italiano.

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