Who said learning Italian is difficult and boring? This book will help you improve your grammar while learning some jokes!  

Includes translation and audio of the jokes!  

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Imagine you are at a dinner, an Italian dinner, but everyone is talking about the unemployment rate, the unstable politics, the bad tomato harvest...Mamma mia! That's when a good joke would be much needed! And wouldn't you love to be able to say it in perfect Italian? 

Of course! And not only would you cheer up the dinner, but also impress all the guests with your Italian skills

This book was created with this intention in mind - to laugh and learn Italian! And then share it with others because of what use is a language if you don't apply it to create happy moments. 

In this book there are 52 jokes in Italian with a translation and explanation in English. Each joke offers some food for thought on grammar topics.  

Also, to make sure you pronounce the words properly and use a correct inflection, you will receive an audio file that you can listen to whenever you want and it will keep you giggling. So go ahead and Laugh and Learn Italian! 

Happiness is what makes the world go round!